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Marguerite Ward Art

Portraits, Scenery, Sea, & Wild

Destiny calls, and I must answer. I no longer fear to follow the less travelled path, nor to embrace the power of the ocean.

Art allows me to share my new experiences and perhaps bring joy to others vicariously.

Watercolour Art

Why I love to paint in watercolour.

It is not the easiest medium for painting. Yet, its translucent quality seems to capture light better than any alternative. Layering provides depth and contour. And best of all: there is so much to learn, that it could never become boring.

Snowy Owl

Commissioned Artwork

All painters have unique styles of applying paint to paper and individual ideas of palette. I often paint from photographs but aim to capture the essence or feeling rather than to duplicate an image precisely. Conversation helps me to see through your experience, a place, a person, or a pet.

Snowy Owl

Have a Question?

Please email me. Every painting has a story.